JAPANPARTS. Leading spare parts supplier for the Asian cars on the EU territory.
JAPANPARTS was founded in the late 80s of the last century as a part of a group of companies that produced original spare parts for cars and that today it is the leading EU supplier of parts for the cars produced in Japan, South Korea, and the USA.
The variety of products, manufactured and supplied to the car market by JAPANPARTS, including such a well-known brand as ASHIKA, is very wide. It includes reliable high-quality parts of vastly different products including mechanical lines, motor lines, electric lines, lines of suspension and others. At the same time, the range of the products that the company offers to consumers gets constantly updated and expanded, while the offers themselves are being improved.
The current annual sales volume of JAPANPARTS auto parts exceeds 30 million EUR. About half of the production is exported to all the countries of the European Union, where thanks to its quality and durability the company enjoys the deserved trust of the consumers.



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