febi logo  FERDINAND BILSTEIN JR. (FEBI) was established in 1818 and received its current name in 1844. In the beginning of its activities a small company became one of the largest and well-established businesses for a period of more than 150 years on the automotive aftermarket with the turnover of more than DM 160 million per year. At present FEBI numbers more than 9000 items of parts in its production and commercial programme for all major European cars that are supplied in 130 countries through 69 subsidiaries and joint ventures. A modern integrated system of the production planning and management control is oriented on the standards of leading car manufacturers which guarantees high quality of FEBI products. So, the company delivers it products on lines of MERCEDES-BENZ and DAF. In 1994 it received TUV certificate pursuant to DIN ISO 9002 standard requirements.



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