Return of goods

1. Return of goods is feasible in case:

1.1. if the goods sent by the Seller lack proper quality.
1.2. if the goods sent by the Seller miss a complete set.
1.3. if the goods sent by the Seller disagree with description and specification specified on the Website.
1.4. If installation or use of the item sent by the Seller may cause harm to the Customer or any third party. 

2. Return of goods is unfeasible in case:
6.2.1. If the goods are used by the Customer for purposes other than intended.
6.2.2. if the goods have been in use, dirty, broken, scratched or otherwise damaged.
6.2.3. if a physical form of the goods, consumer characteristics and original packaging have been damaged.
6.2.4. In returning the products, the Buyer must package the parcel so as to ensure the safety of the products and their original packaging during transportation.
  • The products must be returned in their original packaging!
  • The original packaging must not be used as outer postal packaging!
  • Adhesive tape must not be applied to the original packaging!
  • Any inscriptions or labels not conforming to the original packaging must not be applied!
If you fail to observe one or several of the requirements listed above, your complaints will not be accepted and money will not be refunded!

3. In case of item return the Seller shall refund the value paid by the same method of initial payment. 

4. The Seller shall have the right to waive return of goods or payment of compensation, if the goods under return have been in use, lack packaging or original packaging is damaged, seals or labels are broken, a protective film (if any) is torn, as well as there are noticeable signs of use, such as scratches, smudges, dirt and other defects.